Freelance for Windows

 What we need from you:
             Presentation file (.pre)
             List of all fonts used (including bullet and symbol fonts)
             All imported and linked files

 Page Setup:
             By selecting a PostScript printer in Print Setup,
                  you will have access to the appropriate font selection.)
             Choose Page Setup from the File menu.
             Under Orientation, select Landscape.
             Check the box marked Set Margins for Slides.
             The border on your screen is a guideline; roughly the edge of your slide.

             It is best to turn Word Wrap off under Style in the Default Attribute box
             prior to creation of your presentation. Otherwise, problems may arise
             due to differences between your system configuration and ours.
             Add a hard return at the end of each line by pressing Enter.

             The default background is the color of the media it is printed on.
             Be sure to add a background prior to creation of your presentation.

              Let us know if your presentation contains any imported PostScript graphics.


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