Harvard Graphics 2.0, 3.0 for Windows

 What we need from you:
             Presentation file (.prs)
             List of all fonts used (including bullet and symbol fonts)
             All imported or linked files

Page Setup:   (Dialog Box samples)
             Choose Print Setup from the File menu.
             Set the format to Slides.
             Click OK to return to your presentation.
             Choose Presentation Setup from the File menu.
             Set the format to Slides.
             Set the paper size to Letter
             For 35mm slides:
                 Left and right margins: .25 in..

                 Top and bottom margins: .25 in.
             For overheads and prints:
                 Leave margins as Default.
                 Click OK to return to your presentation
                 If you get a warning, click OK.
             For slides and overheads or prints:
                 Use settings for 35mm slides.

             As you move text on the page, it is possible for text boxes to extend
             beyond the edge of the page.
             Check the text boxes in your presentation for this problem prior to
             sending us your files.

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