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QuarkXPress is primarily desktop publishing software, but it also works very well for slide production. It doesn't offer templates or charting as PowerPoint does or strong drawing tools as with CorelDraw or Illustrator, but it does a great job bringing together photos and illustrations created in other programs.

Quark output begins at $10/slide. However, since large bitmaps and complex artwork can result in larger PostScript files and longer imaging times, there may be an additional charge per slide. See tips below for ways to optimize files for output.

 What We Need From You*

*Use Collect for Output from File menu to gather all neccessary elements of the job. Fonts used in EPS files will not be found and must be copied manually.

 Document Setup

Set Document Setup as follows:

 Setup Tips

**Please note: Excessively large bitmap files take longer to image and therefore will cost more.

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